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Our story

We have been applauded for the taste, aroma & longer shelf-life of our product and it thrills us like nothing when we see a satisfied customer coming back for making another purchase.

Turmeric powder

This golden spice is not only indispensable in almost every Indian food item but has also been recommended to treat many health conditions by traditional Indian medical science, Ayurveda. Our culture has been blessed with its goodness in spiritual ceremonies and prayers since time immemorial.

Chili powder

Sun dried red chillies pounded into powder without any other chemicals or colours has always been the traditional method. And we carry it forward to make this magic ingredient that has the potential to transform bland foods into tasty and spicy.

Coriander powder

This traditional herb has a magnitude of health benefits- aids in digestion, improves heart health, manages blood sugar, prevents infections etc. Due to its garden-fresh aromatic taste and cooling effect, it is used generously in meals and stocked in kitchen cabinets.


Our Aim

World of spices

With our tailor-made culinary adventure, we are all set to discover the ultimate spice of life all around the world.

India alone produces 50 percent of the spices that are consumed globally. We take pride in our efforts to sustain and strengthen our core tenets of freshness and quality that has smoothened our path to expand not just nationally but globally. Our aim is to give the taste of our rich tastemakers to other cultures existing miles away from our subcontinent and cement our reputation in a global market.

We aim to provide-

Finest quality of spices to enhance every flavour of your food &
 Healthiest option  to enhance every savour of your life

The Process

From farms to factories to families

We work hard to be more than just a pretty jar in your spice cabinet

We take pride in the rich legacy of our heritage that has blessed us with fertile soils, appropriate rainfall and hot-humid weather providing favourable conditions that enable us to deliver 100% fresh greens from our farms to your family. 

Over the years, we have been curating our network of farmers who resort to using no harmful pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals in the process of producing organically grown herbs and spices.

Plants equipped with modernized technologies such as high pressure milling low temperature grinding, steam sterilization et al. are installed in our factories. We hold on to traditional preparation techniques perfected over centuries while introducing dynamic contemporary trends. Innovative ideas breed in the R&D department on a regular basis to spice up our quality game even more.

Furthermore, cold storage facility is available in-house to preserve the materials. Graded cleaning systems to clean the raw materials before processing and final products after processing are installed in a pathogen free environment. Finally, every single produce undergoes stringent quality checkups before approval and the entire plant and process is kept up to date 

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Turmeric powder

Fresh and healthy powder available
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Review and Comments

Rajiv Kumar


It's our third purchase from them and I really don't see us going back to brands that we have been previously using. Excellent quality at reasonable prices Cheers!! Keep up the good work Dashrath Spices

Abhimanyu Mittal


Whenever I visit my hometown, I always visit their store to stock up on more of their spices. My neighbours also keep asking for them whenever we invite them over for dinner. Really glad that they have started to deliver internationally as well.

Kavita Sahu


The other day my husband's parents were asking what I have changed to better the taste. Eagerly waiting for more products to be launched. More of my spices need to be replaced.

Sumit Saxena


Recently purchased chilli powder. For some reason, its smell brings back the childhood memories of my grandmother's villages. I am definitely trying out other spices as well.

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